Saturday, April 10, 2010

Is blogging really something to brag about?

Today I was shocked at reading a debate on Facebook on whether the HP products are good or not. One argument really threw me in shock and then when I came out of that shock I landed into a worry. To some the comment may not come as a worry but if you look at it from an analytical viewpoint then it surely is a time of emergency for Computer Science in Pakistan, the comment was "I am a blogger and I write about HP!!!" Seemingly it is harmless but the authority with which it was said left me astonished.

My astonishment comes from the level of significance these bloggers are claiming for themselves, fine you blog about stuff and you do have a voice in the news arena and your blog activities may be shaping minds of some people but does that mean that every word you write is credible and warrants acceptance. Your profession is what makes you credible, if you think that just blog posts are what matter then there would not have been any such thing as research value through publications and citations.

It really bothers me to see the state of Computer Science in Pakistan and what's more disappointing is the attitude of the people in the field. They do not even realize where their ignorant and arrogant attitude is going to take the country and on being corrected they strike back with more arrogance and ignorance.

I am afraid that if this trend is carried on it will lead us to a mere consumer society which we already are, here I have my Professors working on mining and analyzing the blogosphere; and back there we just have people content in writing blogs so we are just the data for researches of the future.

Things really have to change and they have to change fast!!!


  1. Likely the person could also say, "I am an Internet user and I browse HP websites."

    This is a serious issues, blogging simply means a way to express and thats all, I am also clueless how people are fed into their minds that its a professional skill for CS.

    Ignorance is blessing until its ignorance and its curse when its treated as skill

    Its more or less a comic story when guys do blogging in the name of talent of CS.

  2. Actually you are right! It is just getting common these days. Though I believe every one has their own role to play and there is importance of everyone Researchers, Industry Professionals, Consultant, Bloggers etc. But those who are computer science graduates should avoid to just become blogger about technology news as much as they can. However they can use blog to support or share about their work e.g. Research or Programming or Some development work.

    Actually there are content writer separate in other countries. But people are making it a profession to earn through it as well.

    Further the common dilemma is that those who can afford further studies are not going for research or MS/PhD. In a country like USA etc there are not just people who engineer software or solution but also there are many researchers as well. We are really lacking in researchers these days.

    Although I can understand one common issue is due to financial reason, middle class people like me have to support their family as well but the main issue is about the perception and importance of research.

    Also students who feel they are weak in Science stuff also goes for blogging :) And the big role to play is of teacher to share with them the importance of research work as a scientist and be an inspiring role model for students.

  3. There are problems for sure and we have to fix it together. Blogging is just a social activity, a means to express oneself. For instance, researchers speak on their blogs for sharing their research voice, may be sometime their daily life etc... but blogging itself is no profession just like communication is no profession by itself until its powered by some other skill i.e. education.

    For instance, content provider's basic profession comes through his/her understanding about certain topic and not by his/her speaking or writing skills.

    I agree , there are problems in our country specially finances, limited institutes and direction. But taking blogging as a means of professional skill or some sort of authority over certain subject is just too weird and this is increasing our problems because people are now learning ignorance as a profession. In simple words its "Ignorant Buzz Culture" in Pakistan spreading like a cancer.

    We should move in a positive direction at least and if we don't have resources to improve our positivity then it does not mean to destroy our assets by following negative trend.

    Surely, programmer's blog is different from culture of ignorant blogging