Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Avatar Review: A Movie Relevant to Today's World

Avatar is the new talk of the town these days with most of the people highly impressed by its high-quality graphics and awesome visuals but in my opinion there's more to it than just that. I am quite disappointed by the review I got from people of it being somewhat predictable and storyline being ordinary.

On the contrary I found Avatar highly relevant to today's world: a world of war and destruction caused by the greeds of capitalist US.

Avatar depicts US as the "sky people" who portray the peaceful Navis as a threat to their security and these "sky people" claim to fight terror with terror: a propaganda well-known in the real-world too where the US portrays and propagates Muslims as following an evil ideology aiming to annihilate the world with terror. The same bundle of lies is used against the Navis that the US has been using against the Muslims: in reality they wanted something else, a precious stone found in the forest where the Navis lived peacefully. They lied, distorted facts, showed the Navis as dangerous people simply to further their evil designs: a strategy they used in Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan. The movie takes us to how they manipulate and use lies for their benefits and do not stop from destroying peace of the world simply for their materialistic pursuits.

Jake Sully - the main character in the movie who is an ex-Marine is used by the "sky people" as an impostor to penetrate into the Navis, pretend to be one of them, get access to their secret world and then either make them negotiate on evacuating their forest or helping the "sky people" in destroying the innocent Navis. In return Jake would get back his legs, but in the course of pretending he realizes the evil designs and the truth, purity and integrity within him stops him from being a part of this evil plot. He decides to help the Navis for they were innocent and harmless unlike what was being spread by the "sky people", they had a world of their own: a beautiful world. This is what is happening today: the evil, capitalist US in pursuit of oil ran over the Muslims and is bent upon destroying them basing its war on a bundle of lies.

Below is an interpretation of Jake Sully's words in our real-world of today:

"The Sky People (US) have sent us a message(occupation). That they can take whatever(oil) they want, and no one can stop them. Well, we will send them a message(by reviving Caliphate). We ride out as fast as a wind can carry(to call people to Haq). You tell the other clans(people,influentials) to come, we will show the Sky People. That they CANNOT take whatever they want. And this..THIS IS OUR LAND!"

The movie concludes with a message, an important message to the US and its allies and to those who believe that US is invincible and Islam's return as a system is a mere dream: I say to those watch Avatar (a movie from an Canadian director himself) and get that message loud and clear!!!!

Wars cannot be won through technological advancements and numbers, wars can only be won through the power of truth, power of honesty, power of purity and above all power of unity!!!

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